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Dooars - Experience Nature & Wildlife

Deriving its name from the word 'door', Dooars is the gateway to Bhutan from India. It comprises of 18 passages or gateways through which the people of Bhutan communicate with the people living in the plains. The region of Dooars has been divided into two parts by the Sankosh River - Eastern and Western Dooars.

Culture of Dooars

Culture of Dooars

The culture of Dooars is famous for its dance, drama, folk lore etc. Some of the major tribal communities of Dooars are- Raj Bangshi, Mech, Rava, Toto, Limboo, Lepcha and Bengali and Neplai community. They provide an exotic flavour to the rich cultural diversity of Dooars.

Places to Visit


Gorumara is situated at the foot hills of Eastern Himalayas and is an important national park of North Bengal. It comprises of a good population of One-horned Rhino and has the largest concentration of tourist accommodation in Dooars.


Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the major attractions in the Dooars region, Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary is habitat of the rare one-horned rhinoceros, leopard, spotted deer, hog deer, reptiles and many more. Elephant riding is a must do through the forest if you want to spot some rare variety species.

Rocky Island

A brand new tourist spot in Dooars, Rocky Island is situated on the banks of River Murti. It is a must visit place for adventure lovers as well as nature lovers.

Rocky Island

Chilapata Forest

Located close to Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, Chilapata is a dense forest. It is used by the elephants as a corridor to migrate between Jaldapara and Buxa Tiger Reserve and finally to Bhutan.


A small town placed on the foot of Himalayas, Chalsa is surrounded by hills, rivers, forests and tea gardens. This town is bounded by Gorumara National Park on one side and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary on the other side.


Buxa Fort

This place has a vibrant history of its own and was built centuries ago. It is known for the ruins of the Detention Camp used by the British Government for detaining the freedom fighters of our country. One of the major attractions of the Buxa Fort is the Buxa Tiger Reserve.


It is a picturesque spot located on the banks of River Murti. This place is a perfect destination for those who want to spend some time in solitude and peace. Murti also offers with great opportunities to nature lovers and bird watchers.

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